Festival of the tooth relic

Kandy Perahera

Brings elegance to the streets of Kandy


Built in the 5th century A.D.

King Kasyapa built his fortress

Experience the Sri Lankan Beaches

Best Beaches In The Country

The Perfect Getaway

Sri Lanken fruit marcket

Radient colours

Whales in Mirissa

Wonderful sight

Train Trip To Ella

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Sri Lanka is a paradise for sightseeing, you name it, and we Bobby Travels Negombo have it! And in close proximity too! Within a tiny area of 65,610 is a package of varied interests. From Colombo on the West Coast you may travel to the salubrious hill country through breathtaking scenery in 3 to 5 hours. Each turn unfolding a different visual tapestry.

The world renowned photographer Roloff Beny had once said that he had never seen such a variation of green anywhere in the world. Sri Lanka is often called the ‘Emerald Isle’. It is not only scenery which would captivate you. Sri Lanka’s ancient cities with stupendous mountains, sculpture, carvings and huge man-made lakes, landscape gardens have taken pride of place among the treasures of the ancient world. Seven of these sites are listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. A grand list of fauna and flora, gem mines yielding precious and semi-precious gems, including the spectacular blue sapphire. And above all, a smiling, simple, hospitable people are a delight to any visitor to our shores.

Your tours will depend on the time at your disposal and your interests. We have listed some tour packages as guidelines to plan your individual tour.

We offer day tour packages and round tours in Sri Lanka. Discover Sri Lanka with our large variation Sri Lanka tour packages. You will have a great opportunity to plan your tours as your wish. We can also guarantee that our guides, specialists in many languages and we can assist you throughout your stay in Sri Lanka. Apart from that we can arrange and lead private Sri Lanka tour packages to meet every requirement, advise on travel, hotels, etc.Our primary goal is to ensure that your stay in the country is not only enjoyable but also entirely safe and secure.

Limited Special Offers

premio Driver With Car (Premio)

  • 3 Pax + Baggage

Shuttle Driver With Car (Shuttle)

  • 2 Adults & 2 Children + Baggage

KDH Driver With Van (10 Seater)

  • 6 Pax + Baggage

KDHLong Driver With Van (14 Seater)

  • 10 Pax + Baggage

RosaBus Driver With Bus (28 Seater)

  • 15 Pax + Baggage

All the offers are valid if you purchase them for more than 07 Days. All our drivers speak English and are recognized by the tourist ministry of Sri Lanka.

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1 Day Tour

  • Kandy
  • Sigiriya
  • Galle
  • Udawalawe (Safari)
  • Kalpitiya
  • Negombo
  • Hikkaduwa
  • Pinnawala
  • Dambulla / Sigiriya
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3 Day Tour

  • Day 1 Negombo / Pinnawala / Kandy
  • Day 2 Kandy / Sigiriya / Dabulla
  • Day 3 Polonnaruwa /Negombo

  • Day 1 Negombo / Pinnawala / Sigiriya
  • Day 2 Trincomalee
  • Day 3 Dabulla / Negombo

  • Day 1 Negombo / Pinnawala / Kandy
  • Day 2 Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 3 Kithulgala
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5 Day Tour - Discover Spiritual Tour

  • Day 1 Negombo / Pinnawala / Kandy
  • Day 2 Dabulla / Sigiriya
  • Day 3 Anuradhapura
  • Day 4 Polonnaruwa / Giritale
  • Day 5 Minneriya / Negombo
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6 Day Tour - Hill Country Tour

  • Day 1 Negombo / Pinnawala / Kandy
  • Day 2 Kandy / Nuwera Eliya
  • Day 3 Nuwera Eliya / Horton Plains (Worlds End)/ Nuwera Eliya
  • Day 4 Nuwara Eliya / Train Trip to Ella / Ella
  • Day 5 Ella / Yala
  • Day 6 Yala / Galle / Colombo
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9 Day Tour - Adventures Tour

  • Day 1 Negombo
  • Day 2 Sinharaja (Rain Forest)
  • Day 3 Kithulgala
  • Day 4 Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 5 Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 6 Yala National Park
  • Day 7 Mirissa
  • Day 8 Colombo
  • Day 9 Airport Departure
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10 Day Tour - Dream Holidays Tour

  • Day 1 Negombo
  • Day 2 Anuradapura
  • Day 3 Trincomalee
  • Day 4 Sigiriya / Dambulla
  • Day 5 Kandy / Pinnawala
  • Day 6 Kandy / Pinnawala
  • Day 7 Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 8 Adams Peak
  • Day 9 Kithulgala
  • Day 10 Airport Departure
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13 Day Tour - Grand Tour

  • Day 1 Airport Arrival Negombo
  • Day 2 Pinnawala / Sigiriya
  • Day 3 Polonnaruwa
  • Day 4 Kandy
  • Day 5 Kandy
  • Day 6 Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 7 Ella
  • Day 8 Yala National Park
  • Day 9 Mirissa
  • Day 10 Mirissa
  • Day 11 Colombo
  • Day 12 Negombo
  • Day 13 Airport Departure
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21 Day Tour - Island Tour

  • Day 1 Airport Arrival Negombo
  • Day 2 Kalpitiya (Dolphin island)
  • Day 3 Anuradhapura
  • Day 4 Jaffna
  • Day 5 Jaffna
  • Day 6 Trincomalee
  • Day 7 Trincomalee
  • Day 8 Polonnaruwa
  • Day 9 Mahiyangana
  • Day 10 Kandy
  • Day 11 Kandy
  • Day 12 Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 13 Ella
  • Day 14 Yala National Park
  • Day 15 Yala National Park
  • Day 16 Mirissa
  • Day 17 Mirissa
  • Day 18 Bentota
  • Day 19 Colombo
  • Day 20 Negombo
  • Day 21 Airport Departure

All the above packages are designed with care for you to have the most memorable holiday in our tropical island. If you have any perticualar place that we haven't mention in these packages, you are always welcome for suggestion and we always try to do our best to serve your needs.

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Suilt in the 5th century A.D. This majestic Citadel in the sky was the refuge of King Kasyapa who murdered his father and stole the throne from his elder brother – the rightful heir to the throne. Kasyapa built his fortress on this 182 meter high rock to protect himself from his enemies. Sigiriya is world renowned for its ‘Mirror Wall’, which consists of poems and paragraphs carved by some of the thousands of visitors who visited the rock many years ago, and of course for its magnificent frescoes, similar to the Ajantha frescoes of India. Sigiriya is in fact, the best-preserved city centre in Asia from the first millennium and has been named as a world heritage site.

The busy centre of Negombo town lies to the west of the bus and train stations. Most places to stay, however, line the main road that heads north from the town centre, running almost parallel to the beach.


Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and is by far the most happening city in the country! From the street hawkers in the noisy bazaars of the Pettah area to the blue collared, tie clad businessmen of the World Trade Centre, Colombo is where Sri Lanka’s economic and financial heart beats.From the grand old mansions of the by-gone era to the department stores and shady tree-lined boulevards of today, Colombo is able to satisfy everyone from the prince to the pauper. The shopping, nightlife, and the dining experience in Colombo are pretty amazing and there’s plenty of other historical, cultural and religious places of interest in the city too..

Holiday in Negombo will give you both multiple pleasure and value. The facilities for swimming, snorkeling, driving, wind surfing, deep sea fishing and senba diving.The Negombo lagoon, the sea, the scenic beaches and a large polyglot community inflects the essence of the ultimate Sri Lanka holiday experience.The Dutch canal crossing the heart of Negombo is ideal for making a boat trip. The Dutch canal is the boat house for many thousand fishing boats.Ornate Buddhist temples, Hindus Shrines, Christians churches and Muslims mosque testify to the spiritual harmony of a cosmopolitan community speak all the three languages English, Sinhala and Tamil.You can arrive Negombo just in 20 minutes drive from the Katunayake International air Port. You can find accommodation according to your budget. The facilities range from up market exclusive Sri Lanka Boutique Hotels and five star resorts to cheap guest louses.If you are a loner of Sea food, you have arrived at a right place. The ocean and the lagoon provide the delicious and the Negombo fish market has no equal to any fish market in Sri Lanka.The people of Negombo belong to several castes and communities who are accisnated to the cultural cross roads they happen be in.

The Southern port city of Galle is located 115 km away from Colombo. Galle is a town rich in history and was the centre of Dutch rule in the 17th century. The majestic Galle Fort bears ample testimony to that fact and Galle is in fact one of the best-preserved colonial-era cities in Southeast Asia,and has even been declared a World Heritage City. Some of the other popular attractions in Galle include the Dutch Museum, Groote Kerk (Great Church) and the National Maritime Museum.

Located in Sri Lanka’s Central Province, Kandy is surrounded by hills that have earned it the name “Hill Capital” of Sri Lanka. Kandy can be reached in 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs from the capital of Colombo, and the ride to Kandy either on road or even by train is a picturesque charming ride.Kandy is a significant historical and cultural city. Being the city where the last Kings of Sri Lanka ruled it will always have a special place in Sri Lankan history. Established in the 15th Century as the Capital of the Kandyan Kingdom, this was the final frontier for all the invading colonial powers that entered Sri Lanka. However, only the British, in 1815, were able to finally subdue this hillside

From stunning rock carvings and temples to giant stone pillars, history lovers are in for a rare treat at Anuradhapura, the first capital of ancient Sri Lanka. Located 206 km from Colombo, Anuradhapura is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world’s major archaeological sites. Perfectly landscaped pleasure gardens,vast irrigation lakes and places of religious worship are a plenty here and Anuradhapura also features the spectacular Ruwanweli Seya dagoba and the sacred bo-tree Sri Maha Bodhi which is one of the oldest trees in the world. Other attractions include the Aukana Buddha Statue, Mihintale Rock, Abhayagiri Stupa and Monastery and the “Isurumuniya Lovers” rock carvings.

Polonnaruwa is Sri Lanka’s second oldest kingdom and features a plethora of ruins and places of religious worship. Ancient Sinhala architecture combined with the South Indian architectural characteristics is what sets Polonnaruwa apart from Anuradhapura. Some of the many interesting places to visit in Polonnaruwa include the Gal Viharaya (Stone temple),Lankathilake Buddhist shrine,the Tivanka Image House,the Nissanka Latha Mandapaya and of course the famous Moonstones – the unique rock carvings found at the entrances or at the bottom of stairways to temples, shrines, dagobas, and other important buildings.

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